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ok well, i'm off work tomorrow. not for vacation or something. but theres this whole clusterfuck at the sitter. basically everyone associated with the sitter is sick. all 3 kids are sick including mine. the sitter is sick. and so is her daughter. so i need to be off too. i'm kinda glad to be off anyway. whatever.
so the ipad was introduced today. and thats it. they didnt announce an iphone for verizon. bastards. thats all i want. or with sprint. i just want it convenient for me.
ok i'm done. later

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I'm bored.
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well, luke's asleep. steph is sick and in bed. and i'm sitting here in my man cave watching my favorite geeky show, attack of the show, on g4.
i had hopes of actually updating but i lost motivation quickly.
so here's a cliff notes version of whats gone down.
--luke is nine months old now. weird. he's not crawling yet. doubt he will. i bet he walks before he crawls. everything seems fine developmentally. and he's a very happy kid. i'm glad.
--steph and i are doing weight watchers again. i think our mindset is different than last time. this has to be a life changing thing. how many OLD fat people do you know? yeah. none probably. but at this point i've lost 25 in about 8 weeks. steph is down almost 20 in the same time. awesome.
i guess thats all. the cowboys won a playoff game. my stars suck. tulsa didnt go to a bowl game. tcu lost theirs. and i kinda hate my job right now and am sorta looking for another one. yeah.
yay for friday.

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why does watching luke take a crap make me laugh?
finally...the rock has come back...
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ok so i somehow got the swine flu. awesome. luckily now, i feel better. but dr samsula says i'm still contagious until monday. sucks. i dont want steph or luke to catch it. so i'm staying with my parents in mckinney. and since i dont want them to catch it either, i'm stuck in my brother's bedroom. at least i have a computer. but listening to music and watching movies on netflix only can take you so far.
i actually went home yesterday. but i couldnt do anything. and i had to wear that michael jackson mask. i couldnt even hold luke. it sucked. i almost didnt want to be there. i mean it was pretty pointless.
but at least i feel better now.
ok now on to my randomness.

so i found on the internet during my hours and hours of boredom this kid...he plays for this junior team in canada called the brandon wheat kings. he was born in brandon, manitoba. and his last name is king. and his parents named him wheaton. so wheaton king of brandon plays for the brandon wheat kings. awesome. even if my last name was king and i was the biggest wheat kings fan, i dont think i have the balls to name my kid after my favorite team. i know its not the same but i would have never named luke dallas stars mcdonald. wait...maybe ;)
while i've been in prison, i've been watching a lot of man v. food. i love that show. kinda proves that i'm a fat kid. that and my first word was cake. i was thinking though. that would be the greatest job. shows like man v food and diners driveins and dives where you go around and eat awesome food would be great. i would gladly quit nursing and eat food all day. but i would probably be about 700 pounds after a while. if you look at guy fieri at the beginning of diners dineins and dives and now, he's gained some weight. but still i'd like to take a road trip to eat at some awesome restaurants.
well today is saturday. and saturday means college football. but also, today is the first game for the dallas stars. so i have three games to watch at 630. tulsa/rice, ou/miami, stars/preds. i'm kinda glad tcu/smu isnt on tv. that would make 4. i need more than one tv in here. but that would require me winning the lottery.

what also kinda sucks about being on lockdown is that i cant go to church. i know. me into church. weird. but we've finally found a church that we like.

i've grown up going to church every sunday. but for some reason, i've always been against going. now, i've never ever been against Jesus or God. ok. but i've never wanted to go. i've never been comfortable. i dont know. i guess i never fit in. i guess thats it. i never felt like the people my age who went to my church actually wanted me there. and i always felt like everyone at my church back home were hypocrites. but now i know everyone is a hypocrite. still. i just felt like everyone there talked all godly but went on to be a bitch after sunday.

but mostly i feel like i never got anything out of sermons when i was younger. now some of that is probably because i was immature. but a lot of it i feel is because of...um, i guess, microwave sermons. i mean, preaching prepackaged sermons so that we can beat out the methodists to tamolly's or china star. i mean when the preacher himself looks at his own watch during the sermon you have a bit of a problem. and i'm not just talking about my church in paris. i noticed these sermons when we were looking for a church in the dallas area.

i just feel like we found a church that is excited. thats all i needed. that and i'm more mature.

so i went home yesterday. i said that already but luke looked so much bigger. and it had only been 3 days. crazy. he's still little as far as percentages go. but look at me. seriously. he's gonna be big. i can just tell. and i know i'm biased. but i still think he could be the next gerber baby.

i dont think i can just be happy with the way things are. for the past year or so, the census in day surgery has been low. so at least once a week i would be cancelled. so 2 days per pay period would be missing from my paycheck....sucks. but then, a handful of staff, each with a different reason, was out...and some of them still out. and i didnt get cancelled anymore. and i was pissed off about that too. i had gotten used to working 4 days a week. i wish i could just shut up and be happy about it. and i had wished i could take a vacation. if i could just take a week vacation, i would just be refreshed. but then i was forced to take one with the flu. funny how life works.

oh, and steph's incision actually finished. the whole story on that one...a week after luke was born, steph's c-section incision formed a seroma. steph's OB saw her in the office and cut the incision back open to drain the fluid out. she left it open. and honestly, i think the fact that i'm a nurse didnt really help. she had me pack the dressing twice a day with iodoform gauze...which really means nothing to you. and that plan sorta worked for a while. but it was very very very slow. fast forward a few months...it basically stops healing and was starting to open back up. i ask steph to call her OB's office to be see immediately. we go in and see the nurse...and we get zero zero nothing none no help. zero. so i had to find our own wound care clinic...which i should have done in the BEGINNING. whatever. its past.

so we go to the wound care specialist. i was only able to go to one appointment with steph. but the doctor is great. very very nice. very good at explaining what to do. did not rush with questions. and he seemed to know what he was doing. he said that being a nurse and packing the wound like a nurse would actually made the process longer. if i was just some dude, the wound would have gotten infected and we would have need to go to a wound specialist earlier. sucks. BUT... after months and months of doing the incorrect thing with the wound, it started to heal. so thursday, steph went to her final wound care appointment. and it is officially healed. so to dr lindsay, thank you and i am forever grateful.

and to all surgeons, please dont pretend you know everything because you dont. if you dont know wound care, dont fucking pretend because your patients are the ones who suffer. just give it up and refer them.

ok i guess i'm done.

but i found a video of the dan band dancing to beyonce's single ladies. its awesome. this is the greatest video of all time, kanye.
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Attempted the taste of dallas. Unfortunately, walking in dallas is like walking on the surface of the sun.